IKU Sushi

iKU Sushi is a brand new sushi take-away shop in America. It supplies fresh and tasty sushi in a self-served basis. No matter having a quick meal or some snacks, customers can choose their favourite sushi & maki and make their sushi sets. This is an energetic eating experience which enable customers to enjoy healthy food in a very short time.

The concept of the logo design comes from sushi matching. Base on the common sushi shape, we created a special logotype for iKU, showing the characteristics of this sushi shop — customer can mix and match their own sushi package.

To create an energetic atmosphere to iKU Sushi, we chose 3 attractive and brightful colours in the visual identity system: egg yellow, seaweed green & salmon orange. We designed a series of tasty and unique illustration for their products instead of merely taking photos of the food. As “iku”  “いく” [i-ku]  means “To Go!” in japanese, in an attempt to demonstrate this meaning,
we used some playful & lively running sushi mascot to enhance the enthusiasm of iKU Sushi, making the brand more dynamic & powerful!

IKU Sushi