Roaster Alchemy – Coffee Card


“Coffee Fantasy”, a series of six coffee cards that restates Roaster Alchemy’s unconstrained fantasy, trace the birth of the brand’s original, house-roasted coffee beans.

The central characters, decorative frames as well as background of the coffee cards showcase their respective characteristics in strong illustrative details, which leave a different impression and yet in perfect harmony. Stories between farmers and coffee beans are cleverly connected with the surreal graphics – Ethiopia Buufata Konga embeds the tale of coffee’s origin: a sheep herder observed his goats acting hyperactive after eating the red beans and discovered coffee; Colombia Bermudez presents a pioneer bull that began coffee farms for his family; Brazil Hervaz visualises farmers keeping bees in coffee ground for the breeding of high-quality coffee. 

Roaster Alchemy


The elaborately developed background and decorative frames are inspired by the region’s culture, traditional clothing, indigenous patterns, geographic features and more. Brazil Ferreira, for example, is completed by dexterous dealing with wave patterns and the contrast of light and shade to depict the mountain spring water from Serra Da Mantiqueira, the Brazilian mountain range where the coffee are grown. Framed in mystical, elegant and exotic patterns, the Indonesia Rahmah card portrays a young lady wearing traditional Indonesian clothing and her graceful dancing in front of the blazing background. Her fine and complex moves would be an abstract illustration of the coffee roasting process. 

Characters and themes of the Cards are also imaginative representations of the coffee making process: on Ethiopia Buufata Konga, it is the coffee discoverer goat harvesting beans; Brazil Hervaz features the breeding bee carefully choosing beans; Colombia Erazo expresses the attentive check of beans that are undergoing the washed process, Brazil Ferreira imitates the natural sun-dried techniques, the passionate dancing lady on Indonesia Rahmah signifies coffee roasting, last but not least, Colombia Bermudez presents a well-built pioneer bull making coffee. 

Brazil Ferreira imitates the natural sun-dried techniques