The Art of Sense:
Roasted Coffee Beans

Sensory Artisan is a cafè, coffee showroom and concept store all in one. It aims to appraise & produce the best gourmet to the customer. “Sensory” represents authentic quality control by a certified sensory team and selected fresh ingredients.”Artisan” represents the highest quality standard gourmets are handcrafted by palace-artisan professionals.

We have developed a series of coffee products packaging with the concept ‘Art of Sense’. A set of Chinese typography is created to express the process of the coffee infiltrates into the water, the magical moment that a masterpiece is born. A textured sticker with spot uv and hot stamp print effect are applied to enhance the hand feel.

By made use of its attractive shape, material and functions. It makes this product stand out beyond the traditional coffee packaging. Turpentine Can is selected to be coffee bean container. Making use of something unexpected with an attractive shape, we aim to redefine the usage from an industrial container to a coffee packaging. The opener is not completely sealed. When coffee beans are freshly roasted, carbon dioxide will be released. The opener serves as a valve function allowing the carbon dioxide to escape from inside the can. It helps to retain the quality of coffee for an extended period of time.

Taiwan Golden Pin Design Award, Top Award Asia