The Day and Night – Luminous Christmas Card

The Never-Never Luminous Christmas Card is inspired by the White Christmas. Japanese Crane Lettra paper is chosen to imitate the winter’s first snow – purely white and soft to the touch. Recipients could experience the peaceful snowy scenery during the day and share the seasonal joy with every families at night. Printed in luminous ink with phosphorescent effect, images on the card is mysteriously concealed when bathed in daylight and glow in the dark.

The Chinese character of Christmas – “聖誕”, are placed separately on each side of the card, along with the hand-drawn graphics capturing the time of great joy and festivity. At the front, it is “聖”, representing the daylight, and at the back, it is “誕”, signifying the Christmas Eve. The typography is a clever interaction between gracefully curly ribbons and neat geometric shapes, creating a harmonious whole to depict the tranquillity and delight of Christmas.