Art Out-of-the-box Project


Art Out-of-the-box



Jockey Club Community Sustainability Fund - Art Out-of-the-box Project, with the theme of "Local Hong Kong", through 4 creative art activities, to let children experience the fun of art creation at home and raise their sense of belonging in the city.


The key visual of the activity uses the dash symbol in "out-of-the-box" to bring out the concept - to think in different way. Dash's horizontal line can be seen as a boundary or as a line drawn by an artist. The key to creativity lies in the conversion of concepts. With this idea, we try to flexibly integrate "-" into the title, whether it is the stroke of the Chinese title or the dash in the English word "out-of-the-box". Combined with the bright three primary colours— red, yellow and blue, to brings out a sense of relaxation and joy.


賽馬會社區持續抗逆基金―藝術到會: 視藝教育小冊子,圍繞本土香港為主題,透過四個富創意的藝術活動,讓小孩子在家體驗藝術創作的趣味,多角度觀察生活,增加對社區的認識及歸屬感。


活動主視覺巧用「out-of-the-box」中的dash符號,帶出活動的中心概念― 跳出框架。創意的關鍵在於概念的轉換,Dash的橫線,可看作界限亦可視為畫家筆下的線條。就著這個想法,我們嘗試把「-」融入於標題之中,不論是中文標題中的筆劃或英文字「out-of-the-box」中的dash,以橫線帶出靈活跳脫。顏色方面選用了紅、黃、藍鮮明的三原色,讓整體帶出輕鬆歡樂感。