Fantasia - THEi Design Graduation Show 2020

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Organised by The Faculty of Design and Environment, THEi (Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong), the Graduation Exhibition is a showcase for students’ final year projects, outspeaking their statement without and beyond words. “Fantasia”, a free-flowing piece of composition with no fixed form, is chosen as the keyword to conclude the daredevil spirits of the 5th THEi Graduates. Fresh and honest, wild and free, edgy and impactful, the newers’ works establish order in chaos, break rules and constraints, and travel free in the world of design. Following the “Fantasia” theme, the key visual of the Exhibition is a fearless attempt to blend elements from many forms and possibilities: Colour blocks, Stripes, Vortexes, Pixel, Radiation, Colour gradients, Iridescence, 2D, 3D, Reality/Illusion, Abstractness, Innovation and Blank-leaving


When various components encounter many different techniques, while meticulous design details meet endless possibilities, the vigorous combination of diversity shines through the design and narrates itself. The dynamics of key visual is most outstanding in the event booklet – with multicoloured hot stamping on the cover, each way of seeing provides readers a brand-new perspective. The book dividers graphically underline individual personalities of each subject, aligning with the free rhythms of the cover.


THEi (香港高等教育科技學院) 環境及設計學院的畢業作品展,是各科學生將所思所學化為作品,與大家對話、分享之地。初生之犢無畏無懼,「Fantasia.狂想曲」是第5屆THEi學生畢業作品的代名詞。亂中有序,自由奔放,不管方圓直橫,無常規可限,創意、幻想、美才是惟一目標 — 畢業展的主視覺故此大膽灑脫,各元素無邊無際,交錯出一場視覺盛宴:色塊、斜紋、漩渦、像素、放射、漸層、幻彩、平面、立體、虛實、抽象、跳脫、留白