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Lab Made is the first Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Laboratory, which is found by our founders who first tasted liquid nitrogen ice-creamin the UK and was attracted by the high-end ice creaming making technique. Lab Made is a brand that links closely with science. The word “Lab” means thatscience theory is used in production; and “Made” refers to homemade. That all Lab Made’s ice creams are made to order, and produced by using scientific method, where Liquid Nitrogen is in used to create super smooth ice-cream. Task LAB MADE rebranding. Turn the brand into, give the brand a personality and make it alive.


Create a story for the brand–Mascot. Use “Scientist” character to present the co-founder Ronnie. With the representative uniform, giving a new definition of “scientist” which is young, stylish and playful. In order to make every ice-cream from LAB MADE become friendly and alive, each of the taste will be described as a little monster. Every monsters have their own character which is base on their taste or colors.