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WashEasy Dishware Cleaning Service is the first dishware cleaning service social enterprise in Hong Kong, providing open employment opportunities and on-job-training for the disabled. They aim at supporting and providing guidance to the disabled to an independent and rewarding life. WashEasy was set up in 2015 with grant sponsored by Social Welfare Department’s “Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprise” project. Providing efficient, reliable and high quality dishware washing services for clients including homes, schools, NGOs, Western and Chinese restaurants, clubhouses and restaurant chains, they aim to lessen the problem of frontline manpower shortage and reduce clients’ operation costs. As a Green-supporting workshop, WashEasy uses eco-friendly cleaning products and dishware washing machine which are capable of water recycling.


To break free from the stereotyping of social enterprise, we come up with a new brand identity that is fresh, vigorous and modern to champion WashEasy’s core value of social inclusion and diversity. Water splash and people are chosen as key elements to represent the company nature and their humanity. The logotype combines water splash and simple form of people with round lines to create a friendly and positive mood. We match aquamarine with lime to develop a young and energetic colour palette that underscores the cleanliness, vitality and green sprite of WashEasy’s services. Refreshing illustrations such as water splash, bubbles and sparkling stars are featured, accompanying by the lively colours, to set a cheerful tone for the socially conscious group.