Coffee Fantasy | 00

From Bean To Art


Coffee originates from the Arabic word 'kaweh' meaning strength or vigour, and it has become one of the world's most popular drinks nowadays. Every single coffee bean is undoubtedly the result of the efforts of local farmers. What's more interesting is that the geographical environment and culture of the region can somehow affect the taste of coffee. As [a] coffee-loving designer, we hope to visualise these unseen parts with fine illustration. The Never-Never team is introducing you to a creative approach to storytelling— the merge of illustrations, traditional printing and advanced AR (Augmented Reality) technology. The set of 13 Coffee Poster each represents a step of coffee bean handling, narrating the process of how coffee is grown and made. Limited edition print art inspired by a barista's coffee journey. An experimental project integrated with risograph and AR Effect.


Ethiopia Gelgelu celebrates nature's gifts from our motherland. The design is inspired by clothings and arts of the Suri Tribe from Ethiopia, who groom themselves with natural resources - flowers and plants as headpieces, ochre for face paint. From the very moment when human beings begin to touch, interact with and get from nature, we ground ourselves on the land and deeply connect with it. This profound relationship is captured by graphics of a hand blending elements of human and nature. The giant palm fills with soil, trees, vines and plants, nurturing coffee saplings that come from the amazing integration between humans and the land. Soils, Sunshine and water assembles in the visuals, where Ethiopian tribe’s totems are added in the frame decoration. Natural ingredients merge gracefully with the culture of the coffee-growing land.The choice of using slim, transparent, white-coloured paper is well in touch with the “beginning” spirit coffee embodies. The soft, pure texture of the paper symbolises a good start, also where a cup of good coffee begins.


咖啡源自阿拉伯語 “kaweh”,有「力量」以及「活力」的意思,如今更成為世界上最受歡迎的飲品之一。不論歷史的悠久,每一顆咖啡豆都必定經由一班咖啡農悉心栽種。有趣的是,地域界限與文化差異竟會直接影響咖啡豆的味道。 因此,Never-Never 團隊在約兩年前萌生了一個瘋狂的念頭。嘗試透過融合插畫、傳統印刷及AR科技,以一個跨越時代與文化的新角度去觀看不同咖啡豆的故事。


設計構思以13款咖啡卡組成一個系列,每張代表一項咖啡豆的製作工序,閱讀咖啡卡能同時了解咖啡的生成故事。裝飾邊框及背景設計,是從原產地的文化風俗、傳統衣飾、民族圖案、建築物圖騰及地理環境等方面獲取靈感。「事物總有源起,了解事物的過去才能感受其珍貴之處。」這是今次專案的理念,透過觀看及了解各種咖啡豆的故事及起源,自然就會發現手上這杯咖啡的珍貴之處。 是次實驗項目以咖啡師的咖啡之旅作靈感,製作成一系列限量海報。融合插畫、傳統印刷及AR科技,以新角度觀看關於咖啡的故事。 Ethiopia Gelgelu是在歌頌來自大自然的禮物。靈感源於埃塞俄比亞的蘇瑞部落(Suri Tribe)之衣著藝術,他們會從大地之母取得素材 ,把花草作頭飾,以赭石粉(Ochre)作面譜。人類自從學懂取於自然、用於自然那刻,就與大地深深地連結著。為表達這種微妙關系,插畫中的手揉合了人與大自然的元素,巨大的手掌交織著土、樹、藤和葉,培育出來的咖啡樹苗就是大地與人結合的成果。畫面中存在著土壤、陽光與水的元素,邊框則加入了埃塞俄比亞部落民族圖騰裝飾,自然元素與產地文化彼此相融。為配合咖啡「開初」之意,紙材上特意選用了潔白透薄之紙張,輕柔純潔的材質賦予了 一個美好的開始,一杯香濃咖啡亦正是從此處開始。