Coffee Fantasy | 01

From Bean To Art


Ethiopia Buufata Konga is based on the origin of the beloved berries. Set in 16th century Ethiopia, The Sleepless Monastery(1671) tells how the goat herder Kaldi notices the hyperactive behaviours of his goats after having red berries. The flock becomes abnormally. It comes to the discovery of coffee trees after investigation.


The coffee discoverer - goat, is transformed into the protagonist of the poster. Dressed in Ethiopian tribal clothes, a goat savouring coffee beans picked from the grasses is depicted as personification of the initial step of coffee making - bean picking.


Ethiopia Buufata Konga源自咖啡起源的傳說。故事記載於語言學家法斯特‧奈洛尼的「不知睡眠的修道院」(1671)著作中,背景為十六世紀的埃塞俄比亞。當時牧羊人Kaldi在放牧時發現山羊在誤食紅色果實後變得異常興奮,動作像是在跳舞, 晚上更出現失眠的情況。經過追查後發現了咖啡樹,並讓僧侶於晚上做禮拜時試喝該款果實湯作提神之用。自此之後,僧侶們習慣在夜間喝這種汁液提振精神,而該果實正正就是今天的咖啡豆。