Orientation Day 2018

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The annual Orientation Day of Faculty of Social Science, CUHK took place in mid-October 2018. The event aims at providing an opportunity for college students to explore the undergraduate curriculum offered. The project involves design of event identity, promotional materials as well as booth and campus decorations. Creating an effective and captivating visual identity is the primary aim of this project. After all, students’ impression and understanding of the programmes in their 2-day campus visit may affect their decision making on their road ahead.


To deliver messages in a lively tone, the sharp contrast of Bright Yellow and Ruri Blue are adopted to underline the variety and vibrant spirit of the Faculty. 15 elves are designed to represent the respective major, visualising their content in vividly illustrated details. Information could break away from the traditional description and be featured in the form of playfully assembled icons. The young visitors could search for their own elf during the visit. The characteristics of the 15 elves are defined by the distinctive qualities of each major. A thorough understanding of the curriculum is thus crucial in the progress of creation. As the media of communication and visual translators of the programmes, we remain in close communication with the faculty members to ensure the accuracy of every single detail. With numerous times of modification, each elf in the project is born with joint effort of all team members.




設計目標以玩味手法傳遞資訊,先以鮮明的黃藍對比色定調學院豐富多元的形象,再透過15隻「精靈」代表相應學科,細緻具象課程內容。嚴肅的資料跳出文字框框,以圖像靈活呈現,每位前來學院的年青人也可在此找尋屬於自己的「精靈」。 而「精靈」的角色設計需集科目特點之大成,繪畫時涉及深入了解學科的過程。當置身院校外的我們需要化身社科學院的發聲媒介及圖像翻譯時,與教職員緊密溝通便成為重要一環。經過無數次修改甚至「砍掉重來」,最後誕生的「精靈」是每位設計團隊成員努力的成果。